We are dedicated to providing the highest quality chlorine dioxide (CDS) water purification solutions whether it be for home, office, camping, travel, commercial or agricultural use. We are a trusted and recommended supplier of chlorine dioxide solution products since 2011.

PureLiving.store is the preferred choice of consumers and professionals alike for all your chlorine dioxide CDS water purification solutions. Why? Because of our product testing, quality assurance and outstanding personal support.

How can the “Chlorine Dioxide / Water Purification Kit”  help you and possibly even save your Life?

The “Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Water Purification Kit” that produces Chlorine Dioxide is the best water purification chemical known and is extremely useful when you travel to foreign countries or even anywhere in the United State where water purification may be necessary or suspect.

The Chlorine Dioxide Solution CDS & Water Purification Kits are a small and convenient 1 bottle or set of two bottles that easily fit into every bag and pocket. And is the safest and most efficient way of purifying water to make it potable to drink and free of bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause severe diseases and health problems. 

After natural disasters and during emergencies there are times when there isn’t enough fuel for boiling water, or there isn’t a suitable container available to place over an open flame. You will want a reliable Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Water Purification Kit!

In a true "end of organized society situation" or even just disruptions to the supply chains, replacement water filters will not be available and new supplies of disinfection chemicals will disappear. Even backup sources of water will need to be disinfected.

The Practicalities of the “Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Water Purification Kit” are:
Our “Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Water Purification Kit” is long lasting and does not become ineffective like most water purification tablets will after they pass the expiration date.

You can use our Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Water Purification Kit to easily generate chlorine dioxide. It is the safest, most efficient oxidizing, pathogen-killing agent known in the world. Why wait order now!

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