4 pack - Magnesium Pain Relief Spray 4 oz. ea.

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Grab a discount bulk pack of our natural Magnificent Magnesium Pain Relief Muscle Spray. It's is a proprietary blend of magnesium and Dimethyl sulfoxide. An organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO. that provides a deeper and faster penetration where you need it most. You will not be disappointed. Order now!

Some of the major functions of magnesium in the body are: calcium, potassium, sodium and vitamin C utilization, activation of B vitamins, efficient production of enzymes, cardiac function, relaxation of muscles including the heart muscle, metabolism of carbohydrates, conversion of blood sugar into energy, bone formation, aid in proper insulin production and for prevention of aging in the cells and organs.

1. Restores Body’s Skin DHEA levels and helps you look and feel younger.

2. Provides Pain Relief

3. Promotes Restful Sleep

4. Reduced Migraine Headaches

5. Lower Heart Pressure / Pulse Rate

6. Effective Antiseptic

7. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

* NOTE: Packaging for the best all natural Magnesium Muscle Pain Relief Spray May Vary Slightly From Individual Distributors.