2 pack - CDS Chlorine Dioxide solution 4 oz. each

**  CDS chlorine dioxide 3000 ppm solution complete description is below 

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Bottles made from HDPE (FDA approved, corrosive chemical resistant) plastic,  Capped with Airtight Plug,  Freezable for Long term storage.

No Activation Required

* CDS solution has little to no taste or smell when diluted for use

* CDS solution requires NO mixing, acids, activation or waiting      

* With CDS solution you only have one bottle to carry

* Freshness guaranteed

INGREDIENTS:   .3% Chorine Dioxide (ClO2) 3000 ppm as recommended, Distilled Water (‎H2O)

* When in daily use keep CDS chlorine dioxide solution refrigerated. It should last 4-12 weeks in the refrigerator if the lid is sealed tight. Our HDPE bottles can be used, safely, to freeze your CDS chlorine dioxide solution for longer storage. (we are not responsible for how you store your CDS chlorine dioxide solution).

NOTE:  Never use a CDS solution product without properly diluting it first.

We make and bottle our CDS solution almost on demand. Our chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) is bottled in air tight containers and never sits on the shelf more than over night. We utilize a proprietary chlorine dioxide manufacturing method using all glass containers and fittings.

In 2019 The FDA issued an updated warning against using this product in manner inconsistent with labeling and instruction. Click here for 2019 FDA Warning.

* Packaging or labels for CDS chlorine dioxide 3000 ppm solution may vary slightly from individual distributors