1 - Diatomaceous Earth (parasite cleanse) 12 oz.

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Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb. re-sealable bag (parasite cleanse). There are several different types that exist but the ideal product for your home is food grade DE because it is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. DE is a revolution in creating a chemical free and healthy home. Here is what many people are saying it can be used for in your home.

One tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth mixed in a drink (ie water, juice, smoothie, etc.) for detox. As it travels though the digestive system, it scrubs and cleans out years of build up. This also allows for better absorption of nutrients requiring less food intake, which would encourage weight loss. Silica helps calcium assimilate into the body to keep bones and teeth strong. Parasite cleanse, point pain relief, lower cholesterol, destruction of unhealthy fats, lower blood pressure, faster healing of skin issues and injuries, prevention or reduction of baldness, healthier, faster growing hair and finger and toe nails are other reported benefits of DE.

For pest control on pets and livestock, sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth where insects are present. DE gets on the pest's body, scraping their shell and dehydrating them. Pets also experience freedom from fleas and ticks when DE is brushed on them and sprinkles on their bedding. De-worming can also be achieved by feeding pets one tablespoon of DE per day.

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