4 Pack - Magnesium Oil 4 oz. each

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Researchers agree magnesium deficiency affects between 70-90% of the population. Our high quality bulk Magnesium Oil can be used as a Transdermal skin application or an Oral Supplement.

Our bulk Magnesium Oil is sourced from the Dead Sea. We only use Food Grade magnesium chloride, absolutely safe from chemical impurities. Each bottle is highly concentrated and will last about a month, depending on use.

Some of the major functions of magnesium in the body are: calcium, potassium, sodium and vitamin C utilization, activation of B vitamins, efficient production of enzymes, cardiac function, relaxation of muscles including the heart muscle, metabolism of carbohydrates, conversion of blood sugar into energy, bone formation, aid in proper insulin production and for prevention of aging in the cells and organs.


When we have a magnesium deficiency, calcium is not properly used by the body. To much calcium (calcium not balanced by magnesium) may result in cellular death and this imbalance may cause: osteoporosis, arthritis, senility, calcification of tissues and organs (including kidney, bladder and the joints) and heart disease. Excess calcium can be a problem, but excess magnesium is not because magnesium is eliminated when unused while calcium builds up. Researchers have also found that a magnesium deficiency greatly contributes to blood vessel constriction, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Most victims of heart attacks are found to have a magnesium deficiency. 

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