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1 - HypoChlor MMS2 Skin Cream 4 oz. each

 ** see complete description below for CalHypo MMS2 Skin Cream

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100% all natural HypoChlor MMS2 (multi-mineral) Skin Cream helps the skin enhance its immune function. (MMS2) Hypochlorous acid has one of the best known wound healing properties.  Magnesium helps collagen production and strengthens the skin. Other ingredients are organic hemp cream base and vegetable glycerin. Contains NO harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives.

It takes about 1-3 minutes to be absorbed by the epidermis after rubbing in. Avoid eye area, as it can sting. If you feel a tingling sensation, this is normal, as magnesium stimulates nerve endings and improves (normalizes) circulation. This product is for external topical use only.


Susan - Thank you! Within 2 weeks my dog's open sore is finally healed. I tried everything.

Hilary -  I used the MMS cream on my sun burn (face) The pain went away after a few minutes, the healing started the next day with no pealing of the skin. Redness was gone the next day. Super good Thanx

James - I had a spider bite which developed into a sore. I applied the MMS cream and then put a plaster over it. Two days later the sore had healed. The pain associated with the bite disappeared after two hours after applying the cream. Great product and very handy to use. Thank you James

Mathew - Very nice light cream, absorbs very quickly, not greasy. And I does seem to speed up the healing process.

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